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EasyBits Go 1.0

Description: EasyBits Media is dedicated to providing a world class Game channel to the expanding global Skype community.

In 2006, in collaboration with Skype, EasyBits Media created the Skype Extras framework – one of the world’s first ever Apps store.

Skype Extras are Apps that allow users to extend Skype functionality. For example, our Skype Extra is called "Play Games" which is bundled with the Skype client for Windows and installed on over 100 million PCs. It allows users to play a host of free classic and cutting edge games with friends and family through Skype.

Over 30% of Skype Extras users play games. Given the popularity of our Skype Game channel, EasyBits Media is currently expanding this service by launching the GO Games platform which will add more features and games to satisfy the growing demand of our gaming community! The GO Games platform offers something for all gamers and is a one stop shop for all your gaming needs! Puzzle games, word games, casino games, arcade games, classic board games such as chess, checkers and backgammon, and more. Play solo, just for fun, or practice for your next multiplayer session.

Author's website: http://www.easybitsmedia.com/

Download link: http://download.easybitsmedia.com/EasyBitsGOWeb.exe

Download size: 3.80 MB

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