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ATI Tray Tools 1.7.9 (Beta)

  • Support for ATI Control Center
  • Ability to change the regime "Theater"
  • Low-level overclocking with the ability to create profiles, including the management of cooler video card
  • Automatic overclocking when application required 3D mode
  • Temperature monitoring chip video card and a second temperature sensor, usually referred to Environment.
  • Artifact Tester with ability to find maximum stable clocks for GPU and memory.
  • Game profiles with the ability to create shortcuts on the desktop.
  • Direct3D settings with templates as a separate form and in the tray area
  • OpenGL settings with templates as a separate form and in the tray area
  • Low-level color correction with the ability to create profiles and then use in game profiles
  • Unique system OnScreen Display. Allows you to show FPS, speed and temperature of GPU / Memory at the moment of the game
  • Ability to change the PCI latency timer for Video Cards
  • Module "System Information", showing complete information about the video card, memory, and bits. Number of active rendering pipelines
  • Global hot keys with a large number of CMV possible functions. Download any profiles to work with the mixer, run applications, etc.
  • System "Refresh Lock" with the ability to set separate refresh rates for each resolution.
  • Ability to change the supported versions of pixel and vertex shaders
  • Ability to enable optimization of anisotropic and trilinear filtering. Support for Catalyst AI technology
  • Support for system options Catalyst - VPU Recover, DMA Copy and so on
  • Support Display Rotation.
  • Support programs from the set of ATI MMC
  • Graphic monitoring module with the ability to monitor the temperature, frequency, speed, cooler, and so on.
  • A large number of useful features. Preservation and restoration of desktop icons.
  • Record module. useful for recording sounds and music during the game.
  • System for creating screenshots
  • The powerful plugin system. (API for VC + + / Delphi included in installation)
  • Plug-in for programming registers of PCI devices.
  • Source code as examples of writing plug-ins ..

Author's website: http://radeon.ru/atitray/

Download link: http://radeon.ru/downloads/att/attsetup.exe

Download size: 2.0 MB

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