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Kigo Image Converter 2.0

Description: Kigo Image Converter is a very easy to use tool. You may use it to change images format, scale images size, and add watermark to images at the same time. All the file you selected to convert will be shown as thumbnail.

A tool of change image format, scale image size, add watermark in batch

Kigo Image Converter help you to batch converts image file format from one to another. You may add files from different folds to converting list, set the options of target format, scale parameters, watermark parameters. Then you click the "convert" button, it will convert those files in converting list as the options you set for you automatically.

Very easy to use interface

You could add files in different folders to the selection list, which could be convert format, scale size, or add water marks. The image files you selected will be shown as thumbnails. After made settings, you may click "Convert" button to do format changing, size scaling, watermark adding fuctions the same time. The whole program is very easy to use.

Convert Image files between popular formats

Kigo Image Converter batch converts image file format from one to another. You could add files from different folders to convert list, select the format you want to convert, then click "convert" button. All the image files in different format will be converted to the target format you selected the same time.
Reduce storage, fit the requirement of some website

There are 2 ways to reduce storage of image files with Kigo Image Converter. One is scale down the width and height of image files. The other is select a compress format as the target image file such as jpg.

Use as a thumbnail maker

Because you may could set any size of target images to scale, so Kigo Image Converter could also be used as a thumbnails maker. Also, you could scale all the images to the same size.

Use as a watermark maker

Kigo Image Converter is also a handy tools as watermark maker. You could add watermark to all images you selected at a time. There are several kinds of watermark for you to select. And you could set the position where put watermark, the text of watermark, and font of watermark.

Not only input text as watermark, but also you could select an image as watermaker in version 2.0.
Supported formats

The current version supports:

> Windows Bitmap (.BMP)
> JPEG 2000 (.J2K)
> JPC (.jPC)
> PNG (.PNG)
> TGA (.TGA)
> PCX (.PCX)
> PNM (.PNM)

Publisher site:  http://www.kigosoft.com/kigo-image-converter/index.htm

Download size: 1.13 MB

Download link: http://www.kigosoft.com/kigo-image-converter/KigoImageConverter.exe

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