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AsaBackup 2.0

Description: AsaBackup , newest addition to AsaApplication Software products. As the name implies it is a file backup application, which schedules and copies your items 'as is' to a location of your choice. Its main uses range from scheduling a default group of items to backup, to setting multiple items as scheduled tasks to backup. Your files are never distorted from their original format(s), meaning they are not compressed or converted to different storage file formats.

Use it for backing up and maintaining copies of original files in different locations, so that when you change a file or update a file you can always find a copy of the orginal item to a specific date. Folders with multiple files and sub directories can also be scheduled for backups in the same manner.

Set up your tasks for a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly cycle. Even if you turn off your machine before a backup has occurred, the next time you start your computer the backup will continue.

Windows is all about making your life easier. To make it easy, Microsoft recommends “Compatible with Windows 7” applications because they have passed Microsoft-designed tests to help ensure they install readily every time and minimize the number of crashes, hangs, and restarts you experience. This all helps ensure a compatible and reliable experience with any edition of Windows 7 including 64 bit.

“Compatible with Windows 7” software:

* Is tested for compatibility and reliability on Windows 7.
* Passed Microsoft designed tests to minimize the possibility of crashes, hangs, and reboots.
* Represents a commitment that the product will continue to work over the life of Windows 7.
* Meets privacy standards set forth by the Anti-Spyware Coalition.
* Installs cleanly and reliably.
* Eliminates unnecessary reboots.
* Ensures compatibility with Windows 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

Publisher site:

Download size: 1.12MB

Download link: http://www.asaapplications.com/asa/resources/newrelease/asabackup.msi

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