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OpenWire Studio Beta 1

Description: OpenWire Studio is a graphical development and execution environment that contains the powerful stream processing technology that we have been perfecting for over a decade.  No other software compilers or IDEs are required.

OpenWire Studio is designed to be extremely easy to use even by the most inexperienced users, while at the same time including very powerful and advanced features for the power users.

Its intuitive environment enables even non-software developers to build and execute applications simply by making wiring diagrams: The "wires" are like those connecting a TV to a VCR, or speakers to a surround system; the OpenWire pins are analogous to the jacks where you plug the wires in; and the OpenWire components correspond to the entertainment components (TV, speakers, etc.).

With OpenWire Studio, you can build your solution today.  You simply:

  1. Drag components from a palette 
  2. Draw wires to connect outputs to inputs 
  3. Run

Author's Websitehttp://www.mitov.com/products/openwirestudio

Download Link:  http://www.mitov.com/OpenWireStudio_Installer_Beta1.zip

Download Size: 16.68 MB

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