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xp-AntiSpy 3.98

Description: The xp-AntiSpy is actually nothing more than a tool that makes the system settings, which can, if you want to make it, can do it manually. It makes the whole thing automatically. These settings, which are made there are circulating on many boards under the user name 'Installation Instructions'. Is one of these installation instructions are available at NVinside.de. It's basically about features that are built into Windows components like Internet Explorer and are used to connect to other computers on the Internet. Mainly want to combine these features with Microsoft to send as error logs after a heavy program / system error or request for new updates. Unfortunately you can not say whether there really only error logs and update requests are sent, and what data the user will be sent along. I did not write these installation instructions, but I was busy, but to simplify this rather complicated steps. This is the xp-AntiSpy become. The settings made by this program are freely selectable and preset at the start to recommended. Users who know so more about this operating system and its requirements it can adjust these settings to their ideas. The program could just as well come along in the form of a batch file, only then would the operation have been much more complicated.

The program is a single executable file that are not installed.

The settings that makes the tool can be made of course, again Undo

Author's Website: http://xp-antispy.org/

Download Size: 397.16 KB

Download Link: http://xp-antispy.org/downloads/3

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