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MailStore Home 5.0.1

Description: With more users than ever before relying on free webmail providers, few consumers realize that their emails often are not being protected adequately. And, if a webmail provider has a sudden outage, few realize that they may lose access to their emails indefinitely. That is one reason why MailStore has introduced MailStore Home for personal use – helping home users to backup, archive and migrate their emails, free of charge. For more independence and a better safety.

A single central archive for all emails

There is bigger variety than ever when it comes to email providers, emails have also become scattered among different computers, programs, mailboxes and webmail services. With MailStore Home, you can bring order to this chaos for good by creating a single central archive for all emails. And, with MailStore Home 5, you can create a portable archive for access on-the-go. MailStore Home also has an embedded integrated search feature, allowing you to quickly and efficiently browse through hundreds of thousands of emails and file attachments within fractions of a second and giving you immediate access to all of your information at any time. If you want to do more than view an archived email – for example edit or forward it - you can open the email with the click of a mouse in your email program.

Author's Website: http://www.mailstore.com/en/mailstore-home.aspx

Download Size: 5.91 MB

Download Link:http://www.mailstore.com/download.ashx?product=Home

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