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Easy Signature 1.02

Description: Easy signature is a free digital signature software (e-signature) that allows digitally signing  any type of file.
It is an excellent tool for intra security document management, document approval workflow and digital identification for companies and organizations.
It is an initiative to make the world greener and make everyday document management easier.
  •     100% Free of charge for commercial and personal use. (no limitations)
  •     100% AdFree.
  •     100% Malware/virus Free.
  •     Currently (2011-11-21) over 1600 unique downloads and active users around the world!
  •     Secure electronic signing (e-signature) and digital signing PKI technology. 2048bit, 4048bit or even higher DSS signing.
  •     With a simple click of a mouse: sign any type of file with a unique digital signature per user.
  •     With a simple click of a mouse: prove the "digital hierarchical trust" during a regulatory audit for any signed document.
  •     One single file does it all. No Installation or difficult implementation required. (Do you have your files on a network or locally? This is the optimal solution for you).
  •     Easy deployment in your organization for intra-document signature security.
  •     Approve along with your colleagues. Multiple signatures are to be placed on a document (one after another) while ensuring document integrity.
  •     Signature work-flow oriented. (auto email notification, etc)
  •     Protect your file with strong AES encryption. (Allows you to share signature outside your office).
  •     Embed your file into the signature to avoid modification on the original file.
  •     Print the signatures with graphical presentation.
  •     Can be used for regulatory appliance.
  •     Easy to use. "Made by quality managers for quality managers."

Author's Website: http://www.easysoft.nu/

Download Size: 326 KB

Download Link: http://www.easysoft.nu/download/Easysignature.exe

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