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ForOffPC 2.0

Description: Its a free, handy software designed to help you plan system restarts and shutdowns.

In ForOffPC, you can:
  •  to switch off the monitor, shutdown, put it to sleep or put it to standby mode, change PC user at a time you select.
  •  all this task can be executed once or several times (periodically: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).

Customized capabilities of ForOffPC software.
  •  run ForOffPC when started Windows. (this function is active by default)
  •  when ForOffPC software is started, it can be minimized to lower desktop bar (this function is not active by default)
  •  when the software is started, window with current day tasks can be displayed (this function is not active by default).

Program appearance is corrected by:
  •  Skin
  • colour of the font

Operation with ForOffPC software.

  1.  Choose necessary date and time (in time settings window, when time is not indicated, 00 reading will be set).
  2.  Choose necessary action:
  •  Task related to power supply for your PC (switch off the monitor, shutdown, restart your PC, put it to sleep or to standby mode, change user).
  •  Choose repeat interval for the task (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly). Task will be executed one time only by default.
After creation of a task, click "OK" button. The task created will be displayed in the tasks window. If your need to clean filled fields push “Delete” button.

Author's Website: http://www.evvasoft.com/ForOffPC/downFOPC.html

Download Size: 399.98 KB

Download Link: http://www.evvasoft.com/ForOffPC/ForOffPCsetup2.exe

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