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Kernel EML Viewer 11.05

Description: Kernel EML Viewer is an advanced tool that allows its users to view EML files even if Outlook Express is not installed on their computers. The software is devised especially for users who do not have Outlook Express installed on their system but have the urgency to view some important EML messages.

Consider a real-time situation, where you are using GroupWise email client at your system and you need to open some important EML message that you brought in your USB drive. Opening an EML message in this situation is urgent but difficult as you do not have Outlook Express installed on your system. But with Kernel EML Viewer, you can view your important EML files and their contents without spending even a single penny.

Owing to its powerful algorithm, you can easily search for the EML files on your computer and view the details easily. As soon as you launch the software, all the files/folders on your computer are displayed in the Left pane of the software. Select the File or folder from the Left Pane containing your EML files to view the contents of the software in the Preview Pane of the software.

Use Kernel EML Viewer to open EML files without having Outlook Express installed on your computer. The software exhibits following salient features:

  • Opens EML files quickly
  • Standalone or independent utility to open EML files
  • View important EML files in absence of Outlook Express
  • Integrated with Advanced Settings to enlist EML messages saved anywhere on the computer folder hierarchy
  • Allows you to open EML created using any version of Outlook Express
  • Interactive graphical user interface

Advanced Settings:

Kernel EML Viewer is integrated with an Advanced Setting element i.e. Recurse sub-folders feature that allows you to scan for important EML files on your computer. This feature is enabled by-default on this software, but if you know the exact location of the file you can disable the feature by going to Tools » Advanced Settings Features.

Recurse sub-folder feature is an important feature of Kernel EML Viewer, as it enlists all the EML files available on the selected Root folder or any folder/file on the folder hierarchy of the computer. This feature is helpful for user in case he forgets the location of the EML messages.

Kernel EML Viewer allows you to only view the contents of the EML file and therefore you cannot save it in any other file format. This software supports viewing EML files created using Outlook Express version 4.0 and above. You can install this software on computers installed with these versions of Windows OS- 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7.

Author's Website: http://www.nucleustechnologies.com/eml-viewer.html

Download Size: 2.31 MB

Download Link: http://www.nucleustechnologies.com/dl/dl.php?id=131

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