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OCCT Perestroïka 3.1.0

Description: No, OCCT isn't dead, besides the ranting i get in the forums or by mail... I just have lacked a lot of time to work on it, mainly because i bought a house... and became a father !

OCCT v4 is under heavy, heavy work. It will soon reach the alpha stage, and is a major release.

It will bring notably :
  • New interface written in C# 2.0
  • Real-time graphs
  • Tests handling improved, options simplified
  • Alerts (Min/max) will be configurable per sensor, and not only for the CPU temp
  • Fan monitoring

Tests themselves will be next on the line of modifications, mainly :
  • Port GPU:3D to DirectX10 or 11
  • Redo the GPU:Mem test i'm not happy with
  • Update CPU:Linpack

Author's website: http://www.ocbase.com/perestroika_en/index.php

Download link: http://www.ocbase.com/download/OCCTPT3.1.0.exe

Download size: 2.90 MB

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