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Wordweb 6.6

Description: Wordweb is a feature-rich software that does much more than a paper dictionary or thesaurus. WordWeb is truly a Word Web - each set of synonyms is linked to other related sets. Look up "tree", click on the "Types" tab and you'll have a list of different types of tree. Click on "Part of" and WordWeb will tell you that a tree can be part of a "forest" or "wood".

WordWeb is free subject to licensing terms.

The comprehensive English thesaurus and dictionary includes:
  • Definitions and synonyms
  • Proper nouns
  • Related words
  • 5000 audio pronunciations
  • 150 000 root words
  • 220 000 word senses
  • Fixed web reference tabs

Author's website: http://wordweb.info/

Download link: http://wordweb.info/cgi-bin/geoip/wordweb.exe

Download size: 18.07 MB

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