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Free File Wiper 0.4b

Description: Delete files securely with this software!
Just drag & drop directories and files on the trashcan and the software will erase them completely!
The files will be overwritten with standard and random patterns.
After the wipe, the files cannot be undeleted and restored.

Up to four wipe methods (from 1 pass to 7 passes).
New in version 0.4b:
  •  added an option to start minimized to tray
  •  added an option to hide the confirm window and wipe automatically the files
  •  the trashcan icon is now really transparent :)
    Author's website: http://freesoftwareproject.weebly.com/free-file-wiper.html

    Download link: http://freesoftwareproject.weebly.com/uploads/7/0/6/6/7066747/free_file_wiper.zip

    Download size: 47.70 KB

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