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ZipGenius 6.3.1

Description: ZipGenius is a desktop utility for file compression/decompression activities. In other word: you can zip and unzip files. ZipGenius is absolutely free and no money is requested to download and use this software. You can use it everywhere: at home, at school, at work. ZipGenius can be installed on an unlimited number of workstations without paying additional fees. You will be satisfied with this software because it has the highest quality/price ratio: you will get a lot of features for free, while you would have to pay to get the same features in other similar products.

Ease of use and power for daily tasks.

ZipGenius layout has been conceived to offer the highest ease of use through a lot of wizards and shortcuts, but it won't hurt the powerful features of the product. Don't mind if you are a novice computer user or a "geek": ZipGenius will guide you in every single action you will perform.
The clean and simply user interface of this program is designed to offer maximum performances to any kind of users: novice users will use the features they can see at first sight on the interface, while power users can go deeper through a lot of menus and submenus.

Running out of hard disk space?
Documents spread over you entire system?
Did you get a .zip or .rar file and you don't know what to do?

There is only one answer: ZipGenius!

ZipGenius can handle more than 20 compressed archive types, so it is a perfet companion for your work and daily activities; but ZipGenius doesn't handle compressed archives, only: it is flexible and expandable so it could almost everything you want from it.

ZipGenius is a FREEWARE product, it is absolutely free for everybody and it can be installed in any environment and on an unlimited number of workstations (private, professional/commercial, corporate, educational, government environments are welcome).

Author's website: http://www.zipgenius.com/

Download link: http://www.zipgenius.com/ccount/click.php?id=12

Download size: 8.80 MB

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