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Spiffy 0.5.8

Description: Spiffy is an advanced Gmail notifier for Windows, it's free and completely customizable.

  • Supports free Gmail and Google Apps mail
  • Check up to 5 accounts, Inbox or custom Label
  • Customize interface, alerts, icons and more!
  • Tell Me Again feature for missed alerts
  • Proxy support
  • Autostart & Hide options
  • Runs from USB and Network drives
  • Available in English, Dutch, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish

Author's website: http://members.multiweb.nl/kevin/spiffy/

Download link: http://members.multiweb.nl/kevin/spiffy/files/spiffy-0.5.8.exe

Download size: 271.86 KB

Requirements: .NET Framework 2.0

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