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IObit Uninstaller 1.1

Description: IObit Uninstaller helps you uninstall and remove unwanted programs and folders from your computer fast and easily. Where the built-in and sluggish "Windows Add or Remove Programs" option fails, IObit Uninstaller works as always and picks up the slack. What's better, it is a free Uninstaller without installation.

  • Batch Uninstall
Uninstall several applications so easily with just one click.
  • Standard and Advanced Uninstall
While Standard Uninstall works as the Windows built-in Add/Remove Programs function, Advanced Uninstall function helps you scan Windows registry and hard drive for any possible installation leftovers.
  • 1-Click Toolbars Removal
Annoyed by so many toolbars in your system? Here's the simplest and fastest solution.

Author's website: http://www.iobit.com/advanceduninstaller.html

Download link: http://download.cnet.com/3001-2096_4-75161625.html

Download size: 673.93 KB

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