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Gmail Growl 2.4

Description: Gmail Growl monitors a Gmail account for new mails and displays fancy desktop alerts. With Prowl support, Gmail Growl forwards alerts as push notifications to your iPhone. Gmail Growl uses IMAP IDLE for Gmail, which provides near-instantaneous alerts of new messages - meaning Prowl's push notifications via Gmail Growl should be about as close to true push as you can get with Gmail on the iPhone.

  • Check for emails in your Gmail account.
  • Support for Google App users.
  • Gmail Push support.
  • Notify using Growl for Windows.
  • Prowl support via Growl for Windows.
  • Immediately open mails by clicking the notification.
  • Open Gmail Inbox from system tray.
  • Compose new Gmail from system tray.
  • Hotkey for compose from clipboard.
  • Unread mail count in tray symbol.
  • Can register as mailto handler for web pages.
  • Can be used as as standard email program.
  • In the presence of another mail program like Outlook, the user can decide for each click on a mailto link to either use Gmail or the other mail program.
  • Optional auto start.
  • Auto detect network changes.
  • Configurable Proxy Settings.
  • SSL connections.
  • Small memory footprint.
  • Auto update.
  • Freeware.

Author's website: http://gmailgrowl.blogspot.com/

Download link: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Internet/E-mail/Mail-Utilities/Gmail-Growl.shtml

Download size: 3.69 MB

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