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WSUS Offline Update 6.7.1

Description: Using "WSUS Offline Update", you can update any computer running Microsoft Windows and Office safely, quickly and without an Internet connection.

  • Microsoft Security Essentials installation updated to version 2.0 (Thanks to "Matjes")
  • Optional verification of digital file signatures will now include Windows Update Agent installation and catalog files (Thanks to "albertx")
  • Files whose digital signatures can't be verified will now be automatically deleted
  • Downloads from a local WSUS server will now only optionally use proxy settings (Thanks to "omo683")
  • Subsequent downloads from a local WSUS server speeded up by using wget '-N' option
  • CreateISOImage.cmd script will now compute hashes for generated ISO files
  • Obsolete directories ...\client\win\\ie6setup will be removed (Thanks to "boco")
  • Fix: Self version check script CheckOUVersion.cmd did not work properly in v. 6.7
  • Fix: Self update script UpdateOU.cmd overwrote itself while running
  • Fix: DownloadUpdates.cmd script ignored custom static and exclude lists if corresponding lists were not delivered (Thanks to "wwsmith")
  • Fix: DoUpdate.cmd script ignored custom static installation definition list ...\static\custom\StaticUpdateIds-dotnet.txt (Thanks to "wwsmith")
  • Fix: CopyToTarget.cmd and CreateISOImage.cmd scripts missed language specific directories when called with "all" parameter (Thanks to "psj")
  • Fix: DownloadUpdates.sh script contained a reference to the obsolete filter ExtractDownloadLinks-win-x86-glb.xsl (Thanks to "NoKurth")
  • Fix: DownloadUpdates.sh script contained a duplicate menu id (Thanks to Thomas Rieck)

Author's website: http://www.wsusoffline.net/

Download link: http://download.wsusoffline.net/wsusoffline671.zip

Download size: 1.22 MB

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