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Lunascape 6.4.1

Description: LUNASCAPE is the world's first and only triple engine browser. It has been downloaded over 20 million times and it's available globally in 12 languages. Try it for yourself the new kind of speed and versatility.

Lunascape is now compatible with the expanding array of Firefox add-ons in addition to the already supported Internet Explorer add-ons and Lunascape plug-ins, achieving the greatest degree of extensibility and flexibility among Web browsers. Transferring your add-ons from Firefox is very easy.

Lunascape6 achieves the utmost extensibility without compromising one of the fastest speeds in the market. You can browse lightning fast while enjoying ample add-ons. We've also made special effort in ensuring fast launch even with many add-ons.

A new interface mode, ORION, is added to version 6 as a default. This sleek minimalist interface has all the basic functions and will get you going in no time. You can still customize many aspects of interface to your liking.

Our unique Triple Engine keeps evolving. To better support web designers and developers, we have implemented “split tab display”. You can view a web page in 3 rendering engines side-by-side to easily check the browser compatibility.


  • Trident Rendering Engine
  • Gecko Rendering Engine
  • WebKit Rendering Engine
  • Mouse Gestures
  • Form Data Saving
  • User Agent Camouflaging
  • Change Proxy Settings
  • Pop-Up Blocker
  • Crash Prevention
Screen / Customization
  • Full Design Change
  • Floating Sidebar
  • Sidebar Auto-Hiding
  • Toolbar Customization
  • Menu Customization
  • Sub-Menu Customization
  • Search Engine Customization
  • Zoom
  • Full Screen Display Capability
  • Wide Screen Display Capability (For Netbooks)

  • Sidebar Plugins
  • Toolbar Plugins
  • IE Toolbar Plugins
  • IE Sidebar Plugins
  • Firefox Add-ons
  • Works With WSH Script (*1)
  • Engine Specific Bookmarklets
  •  Capturing Features
  • Search Bar
  • Search Button
  • Hierarchical Search Engine
  • Search Within a Page
  • Word Highlighting
Tab Features
  • Multiple Row Tab Display
  • Tab Rows Locking
  • Synchronization of Online Favorites
  • Online Favorites Sharing
  • Automatic Sorting of Favorites
  • Launcher
  • Simultaneous Use of IE Favorites

  • Built-in RSS & Favorites Reader (*2)
  • RSS Ticker
  • Feeds Tree
  • RSS Pop-Up Notification
  • RSS Aggregator
  • Reset Features
  • Recovery Features
  • Automatic Deletion of Personal Information

Author's website: http://www.lunascape.tv/Home.aspx

Download link: http://download.lunascape.jp/downloadmanager/download.aspx?fileId=luna6&distributeId=ml11_gl_full&version=

Download size: 41.70 MB

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