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SpeedyFox 1.5

Description: Boost Firefox in a single click with SpeedyFox absolutely for free!
You get:
  • Boost Firefox startup in up to 3 times!
  • Speed-up browsing history
  • Quicker operation with cookies
  • Available for both Windows and Mac OS
Mozilla Firefox is a fast browser, but with the lapse of time it starts working much slowly. The reason is fragmentation of profile databases. A free tool SpeedyFox is designed specially to resolve that problem. The method used in SpeedyFox is 100% safe for your profile (e.g. bookmars, passwords, etc), it's well documented and tested on millions computers.

Author's website: http://www.crystalidea.com/speedyfox

Download link: http://www.crystalidea-download.com/speedyfox.exe

Download size: 460.88 KB

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