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KillProcess 3.0

Description: KillProcess 3.0 is a Windows Utility used to kill any process, including services, running on a computer with Window XP.

# Process Enumeration
# Kill Selected Process Individually
# Kill Several Applications at the same time.
# Give Main Information on Individual Process (Right-Click Menu)
# Provide Advice about Application Criticality by Linking to the Web Site http://www.fileinspect.com from Auslogics Software Pty Ltd

# Provide Help to Get More Information about Process by Linking to Google (Right-Click Menu)
# Give Necessary Warnings when Killing Critical Process is Requested
# Add Process to Scan List for Automatic and Periodic Kill

Author's website: http://www.tgmdev.be/killprocess.php

Download link: http://www.tgmdev.be/bin/KillProcess.zip

Download size: 574.34 KB

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