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EMCO OS License Modifier 2.4.3

Description: A simple and free utility for Windows registered information management across the local network. It allows you to scan remote computers to check what registered owner and registered company information is specified, to ensure that it's correct and up-to-date. If required, you can change registered owner and registered organization remotely on particular computer or group of computers in the local network by one mouse click, without physically attending them.

Standard Windows tool set doesn't include any utility for changing registration information. You only can enter registered owner and organization information in scope of Windows installation. But in the course of time this information can become out of date and should be changed. It's important to keep Windows registered owner and organization information updated not only because of Windows licensing reasons. This information is used by various third-party installations to fill their licensing data, so outdated Windows registration data can be derived by other products.

EMCO OS License Modifier can be used to check and change Windows registration information on remote computers with no efforts for programming, manual registry editing and other manipulations. It can be a handy tool for you if you need to manage Windows registration information on remote PCs across your organization. With EMCO OS License Modifier you can view or change registered owner and registered organization information for every remote PC or group of PCs in few seconds with just one mouse click.

How EMCO OS License Modifier Can Be Used?

EMCO OS License Modifier can be used every time when you need to check or change Windows registered owner or registered organization information on remote PCs without physically attending them. Below you can find a list of possible cases.

  • You need to check all PCs in your network to make sure that they have correct Windows registration information
  • Windows registration information was damaged by a virus and you need to restore it
  • Owner of particular PC was changed and you need to change Windows registered owner information correspondingly
  • You get a new PC with pre-installed Windows and empty registration information, so you need to change it
  • You restored PC from standard system image and you need to set Windows registration information

Author's website: http://www.emco.is/products/os-license-modifier/features.php

Download link: http://storage.emco.is/download/oslicensemodifier/OSLicenseModifierSetup.exe

Download size: 29.07 MB

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