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Easy-Data Mediaplayer 1.0

Description: This application is small, portable and plays almost every movie format out there. It is capable to play movies in high resolution even on old computers. The player is packed with effects you can use: adjust picture/sound, equalizer, OSD layers, Text etc, along with several filters. Not only can you watch a movie, join several movies into one, split videos, extract audio from a movie, combine audio and video, make movies out of your desktop (or parts of it), Create movie out of pictures, decode a movie frame by frame, create snapshots and thumbnails of movie files, create movies from webcam + much more.

All current users should remember that this player is just at the start phase. It is not finished at all, it is released now so that i can be sure that the base part of the player works 100% before adding more tools to it. The best way to do this is to let peoples try it out and give feedback on bugs, suggestions or wishes. The product as it is today is at best an Alpha version.

Just remember that i need feedback to make it better!

It is time to take a look at some of the tools this player has inbuildt. I really am honest when i say there is no other player that can do so much extra and still be freeware.

The Video Joiner Tool

If you have a recording device of any kind you probably get lots of small video clips. Sometime it could be usefull to combine these files into one single movie. Or maby you have downloaded a movie that comes in several parts, that is when the Video Joiner comes to play.

The Video Converter Tool

As the title say, this is the tool for convertion of files. Like the Joiner this tool is easy to use and understand. You can make a list of 20 convertions at one session. Just remember that some formats can take a pretty long time to convert.

The Audio/Video Merger Tool

This tool does exactly what it says. Merges a video file with an audio file. As both the above tools this is similar in use and ease. There is one main difference though. You are not allowed to select output format. It is locked at .mp4 format. This will be changed in near future when you will get the same options as in the above tools.

The Video Decoder Tool

With this tool you can load a movie and step frame by frame, or keyframe. You also have a slider for fast seeking. In this tool you can also create a picture containing 16 thumbnails taken from different parts of the movie. It gives the user a pretty good idea on what the movie is all about. I have plans for combining this feature with the main library so you can get a preview image of all movies posted.

The Picture to Video Tool

Even if it works it really need alot of work to be a good tool. What is does is simple. Select a group of pictures, then a soundfile, and this tool creates a movie, more like a slideshow with sound. I have huge plans for this tool, so just make a note of it and keep an eye on the update shedule for a new and better version.

Author's website: http://www.easy-data.no/edm_minimized.html

Download link: http://majorgeeks.com/Easy-Data_Mediaplayer_d6684.html

Download size: 10.85 MB

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