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Dr.Web CureIt 24-11-2010

Description: Dr.Web CureIt! detects and neutralizes viruses, rootkits, Trojan horses, spyware, and other malicious objects that have gone undetected by your anti-virus software.

* Dr.Web CureIt! does not require installation and is compatible with all known anti-virus software. You do not need to disable your anti-virus software to check your system with Dr.Web CureIt!
* With Dr.Web CureIt!, you can test the efficiency of your anti-virus software and then decide whether Dr.Web is right for you.
* Unsurpassed self-defence mechanism and enhanced operation mode for neutralization of Windows blockers.
* Dr.Web CureIt! is updated at least once an hour.

 Dr.Web CureIt! will cure a system, but it's not meant to maintain constant anti-virus security. The utility available at our web site always features the latest virus definitions, but it will not update virus databases on its own. The virus definitions used by Dr.Web CureIt! apply until we update our virus databases once again (Dr.Web virus databases are updated at least once hourly).

If you need to perform another system scan using updated definitions, you will need to download Dr.Web CureIt! again.

Author's website: http://www.freedrweb.com/cureit/

Download link: http://www.freedrweb.com/download+cureit/

Download size: 50.00 MB

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